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Finance Get Free Stocks From The Top UK Brokerage Apps

Get Free Stocks From The Top UK Brokerage Apps

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Since the pandemic, personal finance and investing have become a hot topic for many people in the UK. The job losses, furloughs and the self-employed being kept in the dark which has fueled many into the world of retail investing. Searching to grow their wealth and looking for a passive income source in the form of dividends.

The recent surge in commission-free brokerage apps offering those sweet sweet sign up bonuses in the form of free stocks. Has tempted many to jump on the bandwagon to start investing using these trading platforms.

Free stocks from UK Brokerage Apps

There is an increasing selection of trading apps available to budding investors, and it can be difficult to know which is best. It largely comes down to personal preference, interface and your desired market to invest in whether it is the UK, European or the US markets. We have tested numerous brokerage platforms in the UK and compiled a list of those that offer free stocks when you sign up.

Trading 212

Trading 212 offers commission-free trades, free stop losses, limit orders, fractional shares, and an S&S ISA. It’s widely regarded as the best in the UK, with over 10,000 global stocks to trade-in. Learn more in our detailed Trading 212 review, the features it offers and how you can get a free stock worth up to £100.


Despite the name, doesn’t offer all of the above for free – just the basics. To access these features you must upgrade to the premium version costing £9.99 a month. It offers around 3,700 stocks currently but has recently unveiled plans to expand. Fractional shares are offered on this platform however it's strictly available on only US stocks at this time. See here for a more in-depth comparison.


Another great platform that focuses on US stocks and ETFs. Stake offers Limit buy, Stop buy order options along with fractional shares on their platform so those who want to buy into companies like Amazon and Google can. It has a slightly different strategy than the others on this list. Find out more in our review of this platform and find to how you can get a free stock.

Orca App

Is the newest platform on this list with the limited stock selection at the time of writing this. We can expect them to rapidly increase the number of stocks they offer on the platform with plans include US stocks in the near future also offering ISA accounts. Orca has a similar pricing model to Freetrade in the early days with £1 per trade.

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