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Friday, March 5, 2021
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Finance FreeTrade Portfolio Update S02E01 £1,803.07 Investment Portfolio 📈 | FreeTrade | Dividends...

FreeTrade Portfolio Update S02E01 £1,803.07 Investment Portfolio 📈 | FreeTrade | Dividends | Free Share x4

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This FreeTrade portfolio has seen a slight drop since last months overall profits have fallen since the election results. Overall returns have fallen from £300+ to approx £260.

A number of shares have seen a drop in price and have not been performing well such as BT and BP. These stocks should see increases in the long run. They also pay a good dividend.

This update includes

  • Free Shares x4
  • Dividends paid

If you're thinking of signing up to Freetrade you can use my referral link we will both get a share worth up to £200 when you deposit £1 https://Ink.yt/FreeTrade


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